Break free of ‘Performing Productivity’

4 thoughts on “Break free of ‘Performing Productivity’”

  1. It’s great to be reminded that it’s okay if you didn’t do what you planned that day. Rather focus on the days you did your check-list, rather than the days you didn’t! As humans I find we tend to do the latter.


    1. I am so guilty of judging my days by what I didn’t do! I’m even more guilty of judging myself against what I see others achieving regardless of their circumstances. I really need to remind myself often its ok not to!


  2. Glad to see a post that does not offer productivity tips. 🙂
    Covid times pushes hard to be productive and we subconsciously participate in the competition.!


    1. I really felt the pressure mounting when Covid started and those productivity posts and Instagram stories flooded my timelines. I had to take a step back and breathe, then spoke to several other people who were feeling the same way as I was. I’m glad it was something that you found positive in these times. Thanks for reading it!

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